Double Pack of LucidBRAKES - LucidBrakes - 1

SAVE when you buy two of these award-winning safety devices for your bike, golf cart, Segway, Ginny, scooter, motorcycle or pick-up truck 


The LucidBrake is an innovative bicycle brake light - that can be worn on the cyclist as well as mounted on the bike itself.

  • Twice the battery life of the LucidBRAKE Extreme - several months on one set of batteries
  • Smart Brake Technology* allows LucidBrake to work on almost anything that moves (bikes, golf carts, motorcycles, Segways, pedicabs, long loads in a truck) 
  • 4 times the mounting strength than the LucidBrake Extreme version - for more secure mountings.
  • Easy-to-mount - press it on anything metal or plastic - no wiring necessary. You don't have to alter your bike to get a brake light anymore!
  • Amazingly bright DAY and Night — be confident that other drivers and cyclists can see you.
  • Totally weatherproof — ride confidently in any weather
  • Can be worn on the rider — wear it on your helmet or on your backpack (affixed to plastic/metal or clip) - so that you can be seen at greater distances.
  • 4-different beacon mode settings when not in braking mode - blinking, tail-light and brake-only for racing situations.
  • Safe to buy — No risk money-back & satisfaction guarantees

*Smart Brake Technology - the LucidBrake has much the same circuitry as a cell phone and just knows where it is in space. It knows when it is moving and it knows when it is slowing, stopping or coming to an abupt halt. It signals accordingly. It also has smart 'battery-saving' innovations to keep it running as long as possible. The LucidBrake's sophistication allows it to be mounted almost anywhere on the rider or even more creative applications like Golf Carts, etc.


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